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21821706Axes of Evil 

Carnage. Blood. Damage. Diatonic scales. Bone shards. Blast beats. Chaos. Chromatics. Gore. Guitars. Diabolism. Double bass. Riffs. Wreckage. Monsters. Music. AXES OF EVIL An original anthology of heavy metal-themed horror stories, edited by music journalist (Metal Hammer) and author Alex S. Johnson Featuring Lucy Taylor, Bram Stoker Award-winning author for The Safety of …more

Children of Doom: Ebook Teaser Edition by [Johnson, Alex S.]Children of Doom: Ebook Teaser Edition

A selection of poetry and prose previously available in the Akashic Shotgun chapbook, plus new material. Dark, Surrealistic, experimental work.

The Death Jazz

The Death Jazz is a collection of poems and short stories clustered around the character of Joe Oroborus, a hapless 21st-Century everyman who works a regular job and dreams of being the All Being. Written over the course of five years, the book was conceived in the spirt of Surrealist revolt, Dadaist subversion and good old American ingenuity. Alex S. Johnson’s influences…more

Deluge: Stories of Survival & Tragedy in the Great Flood

Speculative fiction seeks to tell stories that play on some element of the fantastic or re-tell stories with a fantastical bent. The Biblical Legends Anthology Series attempts to tackle stories of the Bible from the spec-fic perspective–with one twist. We’re aiming for the weird. Admittedly, some of the stories in Deluge: Stories of Survival & Tragedy in the Great Flo …more

Doctor Flesh: Director's Cut by [Johnson, Alex]Doctor Flesh: Director’s Cut

From Alex S. Johnson, the author of Bad Sunset, Wicked Candy and The Death Jazz, comes a new vision in Bizarro horror. Imagine a TROMA film on meth and acid, one part cyberpunk, one part Franz Kafka, and three parts frankly unsuitable for a sane audience. “Will make you feel as if you’ve just eaten 8 Percocets and washed ’em down with a bottle of moonshine,” says Necro Stein of Texas Terror Entertainment.

Doctor Flesh: Superbad Ultimate Edition

Collection of Bizarro horror stories by Alex S. Johnson. Expanded and revised version of Doctor Flesh, a novella previously released in a limited 25-copy edition from Dynatox Ministries, a sequel novella plus three other stories. Extreme Bizarro horror, cyberpunk, avant-garde/underground/experimental fiction.

The Doom Hippies by [Johnson, Alex]The Doom Hippies

A full-length collection of Bizarro, science fiction, fantasy and horror stories by author Alex S. Johnson, ranging from the extreme, surreal and experimental to the traditional Lovecraftian.

Emerald Holocaust: Version 2.1 by [Johnson, Alex S.]Emerald Holocaust: Version 2.1

Horror, Bizarro and magical realism fuse in this sneak peak at the new book from author Alex S. Johnson, in which a ghost writer tracks a revolutionary South American writer to a country that may or may not exist.

Fucked Up Fairy Tales by [Walker, Berti, Johnson, Alex, Rocksteady, Betty]Fucked Up Fairy Tales: Volume 1

18 + For Mature Audiences Only!

Doom and Gloom, two nasty storm clouds, have been raining very unpleasant things upon the land of Euphoria. At first it was just inconvenient and gross, but now it has become dangerous.

Fucked Up Fairy Tales: Volume 2Fucked Up Fairy Tales: Volume 2

These stories are intended for a mature audience only! 18+ If fairy tales were told with a 21st century setting, what would they be like? Madeleine Swann explores this idea in Mirrorcast, a story in which royalty is made by popularity, and magic mirrors are the Read more

Fucked Up Fairy Tales: Volume 3 by [Walker, Berti, Williams, Mimi, Johnson, Alex]Fucked Up Fairy Tales: Volume 3

This book is for a mature audience only. 18+

Every month in 2016, 3 stories are released.


Fucked Up Fairy Tales: Volume 4

This book is for a mature audience only. 18+ Three storytellers weave tales each month in Fucked Up Fairy Tales.The first story features a smitten princess willing to pay whatever price necessary to capture the man of her dreams, even though he is already betrothed to another. The Slop Mire witch grants he wish, but things are sure to go awry. In the second story, the Jewels of Read more

Fucked Up Fairy Tales Vol 5 by [Walker, Berti, Johnson, Alex, Powell, Rick]Fucked Up Fairy Tales: Volume 5

This book is for a mature audience only! 18+

This month’s volume features a story by Berti Walker, Alex S. Johnson, and Rick Powell.

Fucked Up Fairy Tales: Volume 6

Fucked Up Fairy Tales is for a mature audience only, 18+ Released monthly in 2016 featuring three stories in each volume. Volume 6: Extraordinary Creatures by Berti Walker A tale of a gypsy merchant, an unsatisfied customer, and a new addition to a spectacular menagerie. Bajorum the Destroyer Featuring a Read more

Fucked Up Fairy Tales Vol 7 by [Walker, Berti, S. Johnson, Alex, Lucas, Tom]Fucked Up Fairy Tales: Volume 7

18+ This content is for a mature audience only.

In “The Changelings,” Berti Walker tells the story of Lorcan, a half-dragon orphan forced to take on the world at an impossible age.

Fucked Up Fairy Tales: Volume 8

This book is for a mature audience only. 18+ Guest author for volume 8, Benjamin Card, contributes a horror fairy tale entitled “The Girl and the Hag”. A young girl is orphaned and sent to live with her grandmother, who is not all cookies and kindness. Will the girl escape, or will the witch recruit her young

Fucked Up Fairy Tales Vol 9 by [Walker,Berti, M. Star,Hydra, S. Johnson,Alex]Fucked Up Fairy Tales: Volume 9

For a mature audience only. 18+ Berti Walker’s story, “Courtship and Consequences”, is a tale about a mermaid in love with a prince, but you’ve never heard a mermaid tale like this one! Will Princess Ariola snag her prince,

Fucked Up Shit: A Mixtape Anthology

THIS BOOK IS FOR A MATURE AUDIENCE 18+ Explore horrific and bizarre worlds created by Berti Walker and Alex S. Johnson. The contents of this anthology are filthy, gory, erotic, and offensive. Not for the faint of heart; “Fucked Up Shit” delivers exactly what the title promises and will take you on a journey of discovery highlighting the most wretched aspects of humanity. Berti shows you what it’s like to be a piece of burnt toast in a white bread world, where mermaids come from, and what zombies should worry about in the zombie apocalypse. Alex tells you what to do if you find yourself trapped in a torture porn flick, why the “rodent told me to do it” is not a legitimate legal defense, and the ins and outs of consensual necrophilia.

18720621The Matador of Mirrors

Chapbook collection of short stories and poetry.




This new collection of dark fantasy, horror, Bizarro and experimental works by Doom Hippies author Alex S. Johnson contains such brand new tales as “The Last Reality Cooking Show” and “Harsh Poetica” as well as stories appearing in various anthologies and blog sites.

Numinoids 1.1

This second edition of Numinoids contains such new stories as “The Last Reality Cooking Show” and “Ram-Hotep Has Risen from the Grave,” plus material originally published in anthologies and on the blog site.

Nymphomaniacs of Big Top Island: A Novelette of Bizarro Erotic Clown Horror (Floppy Shoes Apocalypse Book 3) by [Johnson, Alex S.]Nymphomaniacs of Big Top Island: A Novelette of Bizarro Erotic Clown Horror (Floppy Shoes Apocalypse Book 3)

A bevy of freaks called the Barely Legal Squad, a chemical spill of the coast of Japan, political intrigue and mutated clowns converge in this new story from the author of Thee Order Ov Unholy Flesh.

Oliver Twisted by [Johnson, Alex]Oliver Twisted

Oliver Twisted relates the tale of a young man who finds that charity, good will and humanitarian ideals are preferable to bloody, savage revenge upon his enemies.


The Pit and the Void: Tales of the Bizarre and Insalubrious





Satanic Rites of the Nuns of St. Sophia

Book 5/6 of Dynatox Ministries’ “Nunsploitation” series.



32537228Skeleton Kiss

Everyone harbors a secret, a desire—or desires—too terrible to reveal. The secrets push up from beneath like poisoned flowers, and only art can free their perfume. The alchemical work of the poet transforms the bitter into the sweet and shows how slim is the gap between madness and consensual reality.With Skeleton Kiss, dark fiction author and music journalist Alex S. John …more

22457461Terror Train

The train rides, from city to city, from village to village, through states, across rivers and mountains. If only it could tell its tales of grisly murder, of demonic pacts, black holes into different dimensions and portals to other realms where the ghosts of train robbers hunt in perpetuity for that elusive bullion filled carriage that cost them their immortal souls. Beho …more

The Triple Scriptures: Poems 2013-16

The Triple Scriptures is a collection of poems covering the years 2013 through 2016. They continue the experimental, Surrealist mode explored by Johnson in The Death Jazz.

Thee Order Ov Unholy Flesh: Second E-Book Edition by [Johnson, Alex]Thee Order Ov Unholy Flesh: Second E-Book Edition

Dan Brown meets Robert Anton Wilson in a satirical, naughty, raunchy (did we mention it’s feelthy?) work of nunsploitation and Illuminati wrangling, by the author of The Doom Hippies, Bad Sunset and the co-author of Fucked Up Shit!

Wicked Candy

Allow me to open the door, guide you inside, and introduce you to a little Wicked Candy. “This is a sweet designed for the discerning Bizzarro fan’s tastes, and I promise, you will not be disappointed!” –Mimi Williams, author of Beautiful Monster “A short collection that both traverses the genre lines and melds them together into one masterpiece. Jam packed with horror, l…more

You’ll Never Publish in Indie Horror Again

Indie horror author, journalist and publisher Alex S. Johnson tells the astonishing true story of how he was targeted for destruction by the professional troll known as “Baby Strange” and her cohorts with “Land Shark Press,” plus a number of horror fiction stories.


About Alex S. Johnson

Alex S. Johnson is an author, poet and journalist who has been knocking around literary circles for quite some time now. Based in Sacramento, California, he is the founder of the indie publishing house Nocturnicorn Books, and his past resume makes for an impressive reading – English professor, respected music journalist and he has many, many stories and poems published over the years.

Alex S. Johnson is the author of several books, including The Doom Hippies, a collection of his best horror/Bizarro/weird western/science fiction/fantasy and generally unclassifiable prose and poetry works; The Death Jazz, which consists mostly of experimental poetry; and many others.

Alex S. Johnson began his career in horror fiction at birth, when he arrived on Halloween Day in the mid 60s! Since then he has published numerous books, the official New Line Cinema spin off from the legendary Friday the 13th series, Death Moon, a multitude of articles, stories, essays, poems and whatnots. He is the creator of the anthology series Axes of Evil, Floppy Shoes Apocalypse and Chunks: A Barfzarro Anthology, and initiated the charity anthology for transgender youth at risk, For Love of Leelah.

His collaboration with Berti Walker on the Fucked Up Shit “mixtape anthology” led to the creation of Fucked Up Fairy Tales, a series of volumes released every month of 2016. His most recent book is Skeleton Kiss, from Jaded Books Publishing, and a third edition of his Weird Western novel Bad Sunset is forthcoming from Jaded as well. Johnson is also the publisher of Nocturnicorn Books and co-publisher with Chris Thompson of SlashHouse Fiction.

Like the millipede, Johnson would probably collapse in a hopeless jumble of flailing limbs if he thought for a second about the improbability of pursuing all these (and other) projects by himself. He lives in Sacramento, California on coffee, cigarettes and fumes.

“Alex S. Johnson’s poetry is edging towards a new kind of hybrid multi-genre noir/scifi/surrealism. Go over the edge with him.”—John Shirley, Bram Stoker Award-winning author, principal screenwriter for The Crow; lyricist for Blue Oyster Cult.

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