About Alex S. Johnson

Alex S. Johnson is a sometime English professor, music journalist and author/editor currently residing in Central California. He is the author of such books as Bad Sunset, Doctor Flesh: Director’s Cut and Fucked Up Shit! (with Berti Walker). Anthologies he has created and edited include the Axes of Evil series, Floppy Shoes Apocalypse and Chunks: A Barfzarro Anthology.

Based in Sacramento, California, he is the founder of the indie publishing house Nocturnicorn Books, and his past resume makes for an impressive reading – English professor, respected music journalist and he has many, many stories and poems published over the years.

Alex S. Johnson is the author of several books, including The Doom Hippies, a collection of his best horror/Bizarro/weird western/science fiction/fantasy and generally unclassifiable prose and poetry works; The Death Jazz, which consists mostly of experimental poetry; and many others.

Alex S. Johnson began his career in horror fiction at birth, when he arrived on Halloween Day in the mid 60s! Since then he has published numerous books, the official New Line Cinema spin off from the legendary Friday the 13th series, Death Moon, a multitude of articles, stories, essays, poems and whatnots. He is the creator of the anthology series Axes of Evil, Floppy Shoes Apocalypse and Chunks: A Barfzarro Anthology, and initiated the charity anthology for transgender youth at risk, For Love of Leelah.

His collaboration with Berti Walker on the Fucked Up Shit “mixtape anthology” led to the creation of Fucked Up Fairy Tales, a series of volumes released every month of 2016. His most recent book is Skeleton Kiss, from Jaded Books Publishing, and a third edition of his Weird Western novel Bad Sunset is forthcoming from Jaded as well. Johnson is also the publisher of Nocturnicorn Books and co-publisher with Chris Thompson of SlashHouse Fiction.

Like the millipede, Johnson would probably collapse in a hopeless jumble of flailing limbs if he thought for a second about the improbability of pursuing all these (and other) projects by himself. He lives in Sacramento, California on coffee, cigarettes and fumes.

“Alex S. Johnson’s poetry is edging towards a new kind of hybrid multi-genre noir/scifi/surrealism. Go over the edge with him.”—John Shirley, Bram Stoker Award-winning author, principal screenwriter for The Crow; lyricist for Blue Oyster Cult.